What are the most popular cars being rented around the world?

What are the most popular cars being rented around the world?

What are the most popular cars being rented around the world?

Recent study by DiscoverCars.com outlines which vehicle brands are rented the most by country

When a car rental customer makes a choice in which vehicle to rent, they’re more inclined to choose a car that they’re familiar with, or is easy to handle. Driving a car abroad means drivers need to get accustomed to different road signs, different driving habits of other motorists or even have to drive on the other side of the road. These factors can make things stressful, which lends to reason why renters will typically go for something that makes them feel comfortable and presents a bargain.

DiscoverCars.com recently presented findings over a six-year period (2014 to 2020) in a total of 109 countries, reviewing car rentals across the board. Their map (shown below) displays the most popular cars rented in each country by tourists. This can give fleet managers an idea of which brands renters will tend to flock to and build their fleets accordingly.

DiscoveryCars.com study
Map courtesy of DiscoverCars.com

Volkswagen and Toyota take the top spot

Their findings revealed that Volkswagen and Toyota share the top spot as the go-to choice for 20 countries when it comes to renting a vehicle abroad.

Volkswagen was the most popular choice across Europe, with the majority of rentals from tourists in Lithuania (68%), Norway (57%) and Latvia (51%).

In North America, Toyota was the overwhelming favourite, with both Canada and the US opting for the Japanese manufacturer. It was somewhat of a surprise in the findings, with experts anticipating the Ford brand to emerge as a consumer favourite of visitors to America.

Australia and New Zealand opted for Hyundais and Toyotas, respectively.

Renault grabs third

Renault was the most popular car brand among international rentals in nine of the 109 countries analysed. Three countries that stood out as Renault hotspots were Belarus (59%), Egypt and Guadeloupe (49% each).

Wrapping up

While the study was conducted to help consumers fish out the best possible deals when renting a car abroad, it also provides fleet managers with some key information as to what tourists are looking for when choosing a rental vehicle for their holiday or business trip.

The full findings of the study are available at DiscoverCars.com.

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