Thermeon partners with global payment provider Windcave

Thermeon Windcave partnership

Thermeon partners with global payment provider Windcave

Windcave solution brings Thermeon clients the ability to go contactless while closing transactions.

We have some exciting news as car rental operators around the world get set to relaunch 2020.

Thermeon has partnered with global payment provider Windcave to deliver a PCI compliant payment solution that enables Thermeon clients to deliver a fully integrated payment service that covers check-in, extensions and supplementary charges without ever having to touch a customer’s credit card.

The solution also delivers access to features like Dynamic Currency Conversion, Incremental Authorizations and Alternative Payment Methods like Alipay and WeChat Pay.

Make the most of the rest of 2020

Windcave provides a consolidated payment solution (Merchant Services, Latest Payment Terminals) which is fully integrated and creates a seamless payment process via Chip and Pin technology. This solution provides cost savings across the entire payment supply chain.

Boost your counter service – and confidence

With Windcave, car rental locations will get a massive boost at the front counter, as the system is set up to eliminate long queues from your location. Customer service staff no longer need to ask customers for their card. Instead, Windcave lets customers control their own payment experience, while staff can focus on delivering a great customer experience.

This seamless payment solution will allow you to speed up the rental process by capturing the card on file, using a secure tokenization method automatically through the payment device. With no need to manually record the card details in CARS+, your queues will keep moving and get customers on their way in a hurry.

Ensured accuracy

Above all, any payment solution should ensure accuracy at all times, which is precisely what Windcave can provide. The solution helps rental agents prevent keying errors associated with manually keying in the amount to pay on pin pads, which can cause the need for refunds or cardholder disputes.

How easy is it to neglect checking the amount being displayed on a payment terminal before confirming the payment? Now, you can alleviate yourself of that worry.

The solution will reduce customer service issues, and speed up end of day reconciliation. This in turn, will reduce the amount of time and resources spent around this function, freeing up your staff for other tasks.

Quick setup, go live in a blink

Windcave is currently live in the Asia-Pacific region and CARS+ users around the world will have the ability to go live with Windcave as businesses get set to bounce back. With car rental operators around the globe eager to hit the ground running, Thermeon can set you up to go live with Windcave in a timely manner.

For more information on Windcave and its capabilities for your CARS+ system, please reach out to your account manager or contact us here.

About Thermeon

Thermeon’s 30 years of global experience in car rental software gives us the skills to understand your requirements, building systems that suit. CARS+ is the complete software solution to link your rental business directly to customers, partners and brokers. Call us today at: Europe, Middle East & Africa: +44 1293 864 334 / Americas: +1 (714) 731-9191 / Australia/Asia: +61 2 9846 0860 / New Zealand: +64 22 177 6242 or email us at

About Windcave

Windcave is a global leader in payment technology with scheme connections to Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, Amex and Discover as well as popular alternative and local payment methods. Windcave currently supports 17,000+ organisations across APAC, North America and Europe, processing over $90 billion dollars a year and 800 million transactions. Payment services include eCommerce, Retail, Unattended and Merchant Services.

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