Thermeon delivers telematics insights to customers with Zubie integration

Thermeon delivers telematics insights to customers with Zubie integration | car rental management software

Thermeon delivers telematics insights to customers with Zubie integration

Thermeon clients can increase operational efficiency with connected-car data integrated alongside fleet management insights

Thermeon has taken its car rental software to the next level by adding Zubie as an integration partner. By partnering with Zubie, telematics data will now be an integrated feature within the CARS+ platform. Car rental operators will now have seamless access to connected car insights and the ability to improve business operations and increase profits.

Zubie’s Added Features To CARS+

With Zubie’s features integrated into CARS+, Thermeon clients now have access to:

  • GPS/geofence capabilities for increased fleet visibility and utilization
  • Real-time fuel and odometer readings for improved accuracy
  • Counter systems integration to streamline workflow by linking Zubie to existing business systems through APIs.
  • Proactive vehicle utilization through idle inventory exception reporting, offsite lot management and a real-time vehicle health dashboard.

Access to telematics has been something only major car rental companies had access to, but by partnering with Zubie, Thermeon has made it possible for car rental operators of all sizes to have access to this tool.

“Delivering connected car insights through our API feed provides essential vehicle data alongside the business insights already received,” said Zubie CEO Gary Tucker. “With this partnership, Thermeon customers will have both a better user experience and insight into a more profitable business.”

We would like to thank Zubie for their partnership. By seeking out third party solutions, Thermeon ensures that its suite of products are the most advanced they can be. Of course, the ultimate winners in this partnership are our clients, who will now have access to the most advanced and efficient fleet management tool available, all integrated within their CARS+ suite.

Thermeon’s 30 years of global experience in car rental software gives us the skills to understand your requirements, building systems that suit. CARS+ is the complete software solution to link your rental business directly to customers, partners and brokers.

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