Run Endless Reports With CARS+ Cyberquery Report Writer

Run Endless Reports With CARS+ Cyberquery Report Writer

Run Endless Reports With CARS+ Cyberquery Report Writer

As technology advances, so too has the process in running business reports. Cyberquery is a tool that has emerged for business intelligence reporting. It provides businesses with the fastest and most productive way to explore, analyse and understand the data that drives your business. That’s exactly why Thermeon implemented a Cyberquery solution into CARS+, which allows you to create your own standard reports.

Using the newfound information that our cyberquery reporting platform will bring to you, you can then make more informed decisions regarding the future of your car rental business.

Reporting With CARS+

Run Endless Reports With CARS+ Cyberquery Report Writer| car rental software UK

CARS+ has hundreds of standard reports built in to provide you with information on all aspects of your business. Generic reports are available, but you can customisable reports are made available to you, depending on the unique needs of your business.

Being that there are so many aspects of a car rental business to track, our reports range over all aspects of your business that need attention, including fleet utilisation, fleet size, reservation manifests, daily business reports, vehicle performance, depreciation and many more.

Thermeon’s partnership with Cyberscience has brought their powerful cyberquery tool to CARS+ suite of solutions. As you car rental business grows, so too does your need to perform complex analysis. This is where our cyberquery report writer simplifies things for you.

Automated Report Output

Run Endless Reports With CARS+ Cyberquery Report Writer | car rental software

With automated output to web, email, print and Excel formats, you can use your data to manage your car hire business more efficiently. Your reports can be displayed as lists, charts or graphs. The reports can also be summed, which allows you to view total figures with the ability to drill down. The queries can be saved which enable you and your staff to re-run them as frequently as you want. With this automated process for outputting being automated through the QDirector, your report production time is reduced. This will keep your staff productive and allow them to still focus on other tasks.

Ease and Depth of Reporting

Run Endless Reports With CARS+ Cyberquery Report Writer | auto rental software

Just because ‘cyberquery’ might sound like an elaborate term, that doesn’t mean it’s complicated. In fact cyberquery reporting keeps everything simple. For example, creating a rental report can be done either by using simple wizard or the standard CARS+ interface for experienced users.

Important queries are run quickly by power users, occasional users and business leaders. With the multitude of rental reports available, you can do everything from running simple data listing reports straight from CARS+ to complex reports, performing calculations and linking to other reports to create complex combinations for analysis or display.

Access to reports can be restricted based on your employee’s job requirements and from there, you can decide what kind of reports you or your staff are authorized to run.

Cyberquery reporting is quickly becoming the new standard for business intelligence reporting and with the integration of CARS+ and Cyberscience, your business can now reap the benefits that come with it. You’ll see for yourself how much more efficiently you can run your business. For more information on CARS+ Cyberquery Reporting, please speak to your local Thermeon representative.

Thermeon’s 30 years of global experience in car rental software gives us the skills to understand your requirements, building systems that suit. CARS+ is the complete software solution to link your rental business directly to customers, partners and brokers. Call us today at: Europe, Middle East & Africa: +44 1293 864 334 / Americas: +1 (714) 731-9191 / Australia/Asia: +61 2 9846 0860 / New Zealand: +64 22 177 6242 Or email us at

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