Equip Your Car Rental Operation With CARS+ Frontdesk

Equip Your Car Rental Operation With CARS+ Frontdesk | car rental management system

Equip Your Car Rental Operation With CARS+ Frontdesk

Reduce admin and infrastructure costs and customer waiting time

In order to have a fully integrated car rental management system, it all starts with the right system for your front desk agents. Fortunately, CARS+ is loaded with powerful front desk functionality where you can easily turn bookings from multiple sources into rentals.

About CARS+ Frontdesk

CARS+ Frontdesk is Thermeon’s browser based application for counter operations, which can be found within CARS+ Portal. The Frontdesk GUI application runs in a Chrome browser on any device equipped with internet connection. The windows have been carefully designed to follow a standard rental data entry flow and process. 

The Frontdesk application continues the successful concept of our CARS+ character screens, in that all the information a user requires is displayed on a single screen wherever possible. This reduces the need to constantly open other windows or screens, which would obscure your present screen.

Streamline the rental process

Equip Your Car Rental Operation With CARS+ Frontdesk | car rental management software

CARS+ Frontdesk is built to support the advanced requirements of busy locations worldwide. 

The system is intuitively set up so staff can fill in vital information, such as renter info, location, vehicle category, etc… A simple prompt on the screen from vehicle class will show what your fleet’s availability is and you can assign a vehicle accordingly to the renter. When a vehicle is selected, additional charges can be added in, according to the options selected in the rental agreement.

Frontdesk is built to reduce administrative and infrastructure costs, as well as customer waiting time. These fast and efficient systems ensure rental agents can close agreements quickly and have customers on their way.

Empower staff to make informed decisions

When you have the right system in place, your staff’s job becomes far easier as they can apply the parameters you have set. For example, staff can be empowered to offer discounts, amend rates or change classes when taking a reservation to ensure the customer is satisfied.

Close Rental Agreements Quickly

Your rental agreements can be closed in quick fashion. When a vehicle is returned, simply enter the RA number and pull up what is due on the agreement. Agents can verify all appropriate charges have been tabulated and look up the remaining balance. 

Key Frontdesk Features

To summarize what the system offers, here are its key features:

  • Easy reservation amendments
  • Dynamic bookings manifest
  • Insurance replacement rentals (I window functionality)
  • Wholesale Tour reservations and interfaces
  • Fully translatable with multi-language support
  • One screen concept – all the information a user requires is on one screen
  • Designed to follow a standard rental data entry flow and process

Wrapping up

Your customer experience all starts with a streamlined, efficient ‘booking to rental’ process. With this frontdesk functionality, you can be assured that your queues are sped up and customers receive the best possible experience, which will ultimately lead to more return bookings. 

While Frontdesk is not readily available for all counter operations, the system is becoming more readily available by the day.

Enquire with your Thermeon account manager to ensure Frontdesk is ready for your particular operation learn more about CARS+ Frontdesk and its capabilities.

Thermeon’s 30 years of global experience in car rental software gives us the skills to understand your requirements, building systems that suit. CARS+ is the complete software solution to link your rental business directly to customers, partners and brokers. 

Call us today at: Europe, Middle East & Africa: +44 1293 864 334 / Americas: +1 (714) 731-9191 / Australia/Asia: +61 2 9846 0860 / New Zealand: +64 22 177 6242

Or email us at sales@thermeon.wpengine.com

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