The role of car rentals in staycation season

The role of car rentals in staycation season | auto rental software

The role of car rentals in staycation season

Like it or loathe it, the term ‘staycation’ is being used increasingly at the moment, and it could spell good news for the car rental sector. Reports suggest that Australia is set to enjoy a staycation season as lockdown eases in certain regions and with New Zealand back to normality bar the ability to travel internationally, vacations closer to home are likely to become the norm for the foreseeable future.

Why car rental might be the preferred method of transport 

People haven’t seen friends and family for quite some time. Many are desperate to get away on vacation. As lockdown eases (and that’s beginning to happen across the world), the inclination for most people will be to travel within the confines of their own country. 

This stands to reason. Air travel will likely be restricted, and with some countries implementing quarantine periods for domestic and foreign visitors, the prospect of taking a vacation in anywhere other than your own country won’t be particularly appealing. 

Instead, the desire to head to friends and family or to the hotels and resorts that don’t require air travel will fuel the staycation boom. 

It gives people the chance to explore their own country and travel at their own pace with a comfortable level of social contact. There’s just one tool required: a car! 

There are plenty of people who don’t own cars and households without vehicles big enough to transport the family and their luggage. This is why car rental firms can step in at this point with the ideal solution. 

What will it take? 

Car rental firms will need to jump on their marketing strategy immediately if they’re to take advantage of the staycation boom. 

This will involve sending a message out that states “we’re here and ready to get you where you want to be”, along with confirmation that you’re undertaking every necessary precaution with extended cleaning measures. 

It’s also about keeping an eye on the landscape in general. What if car sharing takes a hit, too? That could leave plenty of workers in need of a car, and a rental option might be their only choice. 

In March, Auto Rental News published an article that predicted the evolution of mobility during the pandemic recovery.  

“Perhaps car rental will migrate a percentage of business away from airport leisure into steadier neighborhood b2b and long-term rentals, which offer more flexibility than a purchase or a lease,” writes Chris Brown. “Subscription models could benefit from this new mindset as well.” 

What a prospect that could be! Is it time you looked at subscription models or some other form of long-term rental offering? 

Everything is up for grabs at the moment – that’s certain. 

How long might this last? 

Regardless of how long the staycation boom lasts, it clearly represents a significant opportunity for car rental firms. 

Public transport is unlikely to be the favoured method of transport for most people, and those who live in cities under a largely car-free life may soon need a vehicle. 

Are you ready to serve them?

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